Intrusion Detection Devices

Rock-solid stability and long battery life make UL Listed wireless security devices a popular choice among homeowners. Wireless Intrusion Detection devices offer flexibility to overcome installation obstacles like brick walls, cement floors and cathedral ceilings; and no drilling holes preserves the beauty of your home and results in cleaner, faster installation. The long battery life of UL Listed wireless security devices provides unmatched reliability.

Wireless Door Contact Recessed Mount is ideal for applications where aesthetics are critical such as ornate doors, windows and casements. Available in white or brown offers completely concealed protection.

Wireless PIR Motion Detectors®  is compatible with Total Connect Remote Services. This sleek, compact sensor can be custom-painted to match any interior. Pet immune settings provide 80 lbs. or 0 lbs. of pet immunity. Features a cold temperature alert, which detects when temperature falls below 45° F and can be integrated with Total Connect Remote Services.


Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor

This detector is an ideal solution for outdoor sensing needs in difficult to wire locations. Consists of two passive infrared (PIR) sensors that must both be tripped to declare an alarm, providing immunity to false alarm sources, pets and other animals. The transmitter can send alarm, tamper and low battery condition messages to the alarm panel.


fit  Compact Outdoor Dual Detector
Every motion is analyzed before signaling. Low mount for perimeter detection for gates, pools, and entry ways. Dual PIR for enhanced animal immunity. A completely wireless version is available.

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