Voice of the People

Voice of the People

Thanks for the Help

Friday, April 1, 2005

JACKSON - A sincere thank you to the Jackson County Community Foundation for the $20,000 donation to the John George Home. This money will help the home to function another month and I'm hoping it will receive another donation until it can fill the needed 12 bedrooms and then can operate on its own. This home, which cares for the elderly men, is certainly needed and I hope someone will answer our call for help.

Marguerite Daly
Board Member

Friendly Home Issues

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

JACKSON - This letter is in response to the editorial that appeared in the Jackson Citizen Patriot last week. The editors' comments regarding a partnership between the Jackson Friendly Home and the John George Home were obviously well intended. The challenge to both facilities has been and will be to provide cost-effective care for our residents. We at the Jackson Friendly Home are open to investigating ways to maintain a high level of care at both homes.

The Jackson Friendly Home was established in 1896 as a home for Civil War era veterans' wives and their children. The home has been at the current site on W. North Street since 1908. We continue to be dedicated to providing assisted living to women over 60 years of age at affordable prices, offered in a friendly and homelike atmosphere that encourages independence.

Financial concerns of the John George Home, from the information I have read, are immediate and severe. The reality is that the Jackson Friendly Home faces similar concerns. Numerous cost-cutting and revenue-increasing measures have been taken, but more will be necessary in the future to maintain our facility and the high level of care and living standards our residents deserve and expect. We are proud to be a United Way partner and its support as well as the support of many individuals is much needed and appreciated.

The efforts of the boards of the Jackson Friendly Home and the John George Home demonstrate the commitment of this community to the care of our elderly. We are grateful for the backing the community has provided, and pray both homes can be supported with the resources necessary to continue to meet the needs of our residents.

Donna Luckadoo, R.N., N.H.A.
Jackson Friendly Home

Reprinted with permission from Jackson Citizen Patriot
Copyright April 2005

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