Smart Technology Choices Can Generate More Profits

Smart Technology Choices Can Generate More Profits

Combining Wireless and E-mail allowed “the minnow to swallow the whale”

By Bill Dueaase
Volume 14 - 2001

John Campau and Anne White are co-owners and operators of Comtronics, in Jackson Michigan (, a 42 year old, telecommunications and electronic security business, used new technologies to their great benefit.

According to John, “we were able to obtain a contract for a banking group over 10 national security firms, to install, service, and monitor alarm systems in over 520 banks in 5 states, because of our use of portable wireless e-mail devices.”

Technicians and sales personnel had wireless phones, equipped with Internet service. Every one was dispatched by e-mail. All service tickets and customer service history were retrieved by e-mail. The system automatically time/date stamped each message, and the information was merged with accounting software for invoicing, and employee performance review.

They in essence, provided “mobile offices” to all of their employees. John further elaborated, “the minnow swallowed the whale when we took on the big bank deal.

We were able to manage the installations very efficiently, and completed them ahead of schedule, while improving our bottom line $3,000 per month, and the paper trail was phenomenal.” Communications were much faster, clearer, and more secure. This approach was far more productive than being put on hold, waiting through phone system menus, and phone tag was eliminated. The new systems were much less intrusive and more convenient (communications could be sent and received at any time).

Comtronics and their customers greatly reduced their costs with free Internet e-mail versus long distance calls. But John and Anne created even more profitable benefits by taking the e-mail process further.

They converted the potentially nightmarish process of monitoring the system and dealing with the constant need to change over 100,000 pass codes, employee names, numbers, etc. into a more effective and less costly program. Bank managers, could e-mail changes or questions at anytime and get an extremely fast response, which provided everyone the same multiple benefits described above.

Reprinted with permission from Small Business Success
Copyright 2001

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