John Campau's Generosity Improves High School Opportunities

John Campau's Generosity Improves High School Opportunities

Lumen Christ Profiles
Spring  2008

John Campau, 1981 Lumen Christi graduate, likes having a diverse reach in the community and if there is a common denominator to Campau’s community outreach program, it seems to be kids, from adoption support to education. His latest effort is no exception. Recently John shared his generosity with the Athletic Department at Lumen Christi. He donated a state-of-the-art weight machine to the school’s weightroom which was relocated into the Hoffman Activities Center/Auxiliary Gym in 2006.

From left to right: John Campau, Herb Brogan, Jerry Sykes, Patrick Kalahar

John was an All-State football player at Lumen Christi and has many fond memories of his days spent in the weightroom. Due to the hard work and diligence of concerned community members such as John, these types of gifts will have a positive impact on future generations of Lumen Christi students for many years to come. Although John chose to share his generosity with Lumen Christi’s Athletic Department, there are various deserving departments within the school. Many of those are lacking what one would consider current resources, equipment, or technologies.

We are very proud of our alumni and understand that your pride in the Lumen Christi tradition is dependent on continued educational excellence. You can help continue the legacy of excellence by taking an active, supportive role in our effort to give our students opportunities they would not otherwise have without your help. Your donation can help any department of your choosing to realize state-of-the-art technologies, equipment, or resources. Improving academic achievement and high school opportunities are at the heart of fund development. Gifts come in many sizes, in many ways, and can enhance any area or department within Lumen Christi. Gifts from alumni and friends at all levels do make a difference. By supporting this effort with your gift, you are investing in future Lumen Christi alumni. Donating is easy and your gift will have a direct, positive impact on the work that we all cherish. Please feel free to contact Mary Anne Utess, Development Director at 517-787-5080 or Patrick Kalahar at 517-787-0630. Thank you for thinking about Lumen Christi as you consider your charitable contributions.

Reprinted with permission from Lumen Christi Profiles

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