John Campau Alumni Profile

John Campau Alumni Profile

Lumen Christi Profiles
Fall 2008

John Campau (1981), President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtronics, a 50 year old, telecommunications and electronic security firm, based in Jackson, MI. Core business includes sales/service of cellular phones and accessories, residential/commercial burglar & fire alarms and video surveillance systems (including installation and 24-hour alarm monitoring)

Single, No children - Currently residing in Jackson, Michigan

Road traveled after leaving Lumen Christi:

University of Michigan graduate (1985), then market manager with a national tobacco company before joining Comtronics (my family business) in 1986, serving as President since 1994; 17-year founding member of the Fr. Coyle Society (1991-present); past President of the Finance Council and Chairman of the Endowment Board and Tuition Review Board at Queen’s Parish (1995-1998); 6-year board member of the United Way of Jackson County (2001-2007); 16-year board member of the John George Home (1992-present), serving as President 2003-2007.

Significant accomplishments since graduating from Lumen Christi:

Working side-by-side with my mom and dad for 22 years; merging with Walker Capital Corp in 1999; being named Jackson County Small Business Person of the Year in 2001 (by the Jackson Chamber of Commerce); being featured on the cover of Jackson Magazine in March 2004 Embracing Technology at Comtronics; being named Citizen of the Year in 2006 (by The Jackson Citizen Patriot); building the business with my close friend and business partner, Anne Walker White (’77) the past 10 years; opening 14 retail stores; surpassing 40,000 customers; and expanding Comtronics into 9 states.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

With Anne and her 3 kids, Elizabeth (’07), Joey, and Jenny. I run (40 miles/week on my treadmill) and lift weights regularly; golf (two trips to Scotland); travel (especially abroad); read (Wall Street Journal); swim (in my backyard pool); dabble in the stock market; and build retail stores. I also enjoy spending time with my mom and two brothers, Phil (’77) and Joe (’78) and their families.

What were your favorite subjects at Lumen Christi?

Mr. Sutton’s English class, Sr. Ruth’s biology class, and, of course, Mr. Brogan’s varsity sports.
Who was your favorite teacher and why? Fr. Coyle! Even though he served as school president (not traditional teacher), Fr. Coyle was a teacher extraordinaire. He taught me the power of prayer and was a man of great faith who always led by example. He has been one of the most influential people in my life, and I was honored to be a pallbearer at his funeral in 1994.

How do you feel your education and experiences at Lumen Christi prepared you for life after high school?

In MIND, curriculum and dedicated teachers prepared me for college; BODY, sports and dedicated coaches prepared me for a lifetime of discipline and fitness; and SOUL, religion class, daily mass, classroom prayer and required service hours that instilled in me the importance of prayer and giving back to the community.

What is your fondest memory of Lumen Christi?

Playing on Coach Crowley’s last football team in 1979 and then playing on Coach Brogan’s first football team (as head coach) in 1980. Playing nose guard on the 1979 team was memorable because we won the state championship and because we were 12-0 and racked up 385 points while only allowing 13 points the whole season.

What is your biggest, if any, regret about high school?

I wish I would have balanced academia with lifting weights and playing football and not waited until college to become a serious student.

What advice would you give parents who are considering sending their child to Lumen Christi?

Unlike other schools, Lumen Christi is a community of stakeholders who share a common, faith based set of values, i.e., morality, spirituality, character, honesty and respect. Hence, Lumen’s motto: Live Christ. Oh, and the sports program is unparalleled! Four of the best years of my life were spent at Lumen Christi.

What person or event has had a significant impact or influence on your life?

My father’s sudden and unexpected death this past May has made me realize we are not here very long. Knowing he’s in heaven has strengthened my faith and forces me to ponder my own mortality and think about my own path. I can not describe the feeling of losing my dad, mentor, business partner and traveling companion. We were best friends.

Do you still regularly communicate and socialize with any of your classmates from Lumen Christi?

Unfortunately, I only keep in touch with about a dozen of my classmates, but anyone can reach me via email at

Are there any goals in your life that you would still like to accomplish?

I would like to view Earth from outer space and live to be a hundred.

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