Honeywell Connect 2015

Honeywell Connect 2015

Honeywell Connect Addresses DIY, Connected Home at Annual Conference

Honeywell Connect annual conference outlines strategies for selling to Millennials and DIYers, as well as management tactics and the debut of the Lyric platform.

By Jason Knott
October 26, 2015

Targeting DIY, Millennials
In a high-energy keynote, author Jason Dorsey explained the best way for integrator to reach Millennials, that mega-generation born between 1982 and 2000 with more than 80 million people moving into their prime spending years.

“Millennials have the greatest lifetime value a security company can get. We also have no brand loyalty and are the most diverse generation ever,” said Dorsey. On a positive note for independent dealers, Millennials prefer to “buy local” vs. purchase anything from a national chain because local “is more core to our beliefs,” he noted. Dorsey cautioned integrators that a “high-tech” sales technique will not work with Millennials, who have been mistakenly labeled as “tech savvy” but are in reality “tech dependent.”

“Millennials don’t know how technology works. They don’t care. They just want it to work. It’s all about how simple you can make it,” he advised. Dorsey also admonished security dealers for having poor websites and limited exposure on social media.

In one of the most compelling breakout sessions, John Campau of Comtronics in Michigan outlined for attendees his newly launched DIY security solution, using all Honeywell products to combat the growing DIY trend facing the industry.

Campau outlined the sales process, commission structure, monitoring structure and optional installation and upgrades for his program, which is based on the Honeywell Lynx 5200 control panel. He also showed off the various marketing materials he has created for the program. Comtronics is selling a basic DIY system for $199 with monitoring at $44.95/month with a 24-month agreement. He also offers an MIY (Monitoring It Yourself) option that has a higher price point. So far, the company is selling about 30 to 40 DIY systems per month. That is compared to five times that number on the traditional security side with professional installation.

Campau says it has not cannibalized his existing business at all.

“These are 100% customers that we would not have gotten,” he notes.

More details on the Comtronics program will appear on in the future.

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