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Comtronics is pleased to offer to our customers, at no additional cost, the ability to go online and make changes to your emergency contacts, add, change and delete alarm pass codes, and view location information, all within our secured 128 bit encrypted eLink web site. To request a new eLink account please fill in and submit the form below.

Just like what you experience with your online banking, eLink gives you ease of mind that the info you see and submit, is within a totally secure environment.

When you make changes to your account information and submit it for processing, it is then received at our U.L. Certified Alarm Center and checked for accuracy and mistakes. If you require Comtronics to remotely log into your alarm panel to make passcode changes for you, there will be a $5.00 data processing fee. Comtronics reserves 24/72 hours to process all changes.

Request for Service

Comtronics is dedicated to making sure your family and property is appropriately protected. Part of reliable protection is making sure your systems are working properly. If you are experiencing an issue with your system, service, or account click here to request service, and our service coordinator will promptly contact you to schedule a service visit.

Click here for Total Connect Guides

Basic instruction for Total Connect, including set up on your PC and mobile device, are available at the link above.

Click here for Alarm Panel User Guides

Select the link avove to obtain a User Guide for your system. If you have any questions, you can contact our Alarm Center at 517-787-1016 or email at When you send email to Comtronics, never include alarm passcodes.

Click here for DVR/NVR Manuals

For directions to change the date and time, play back video, or export video to an external drive or DVD select the link above for Honeywell and Speco DVR and NVR manuals.

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I would like Comtronics to make my Passcode changes for me. I understand that there will be a $5.00 processing fee each time a request is made.

I will be programming my own passcode changes in my alarm system.