Commercial Video Surveillance

Bullet Camera
This bullet-style camera comes standard with IR illumination, making it perfect for 24/7 surveillance. When the ambient light drops below a user-defined threshold, the IR LEDs activate, a mechanical IR cut filter within the camera switches, and the camera changes automatically from color to black and white, capturing perfect color pictures by day and clear black and white images at night.
The Vari-focal Auto Iris lens offers a wide field of view range and no focus shift when the camera switches from day to night mode. 

Dome Camera
This is a true day/night rugged dome camera 20 integrated LEDs that switches from color to black and white mode. The camera comes equipped with 20 integrated LEDs and a built-in 3.8-9.5 mm IR corrected aspherical Vari-focal Auto Iris lens for increased optical versatility and no focus shift when the camera switches from day to night mode. The 3-D axis gimbal allows versatile positioning and instant centering of the video image. In addition, the lens is separated from the LEDs by an IR boot mechanism which eliminates internal IR glare. It is IP66 rated for outdoor installations, but is ideal for indoors installations as well, mounting directly to a ceiling or wall.