Access Control Solutions

Managed Services Provide Unmatched Value!

Access Control restricts unauthorized personnel from entering a facility while allowing authorized personnel to enter.

Comtronics Managed Access Control provides remote management of access control on behalf of your business. There are no codes to remember, and multiple levels of access cards give you flexibility in authorizing access to sensitive areas within your building.
There is no need to host software, a dedicated badge printer or computer server on site. This reduces labor and equipment costs for operation and management of a managed access system. Not having to work directly with the software, provides you peace of mind – you don’t have to worry about virus attacks, software updates or managing the software itself.
Confidential data is protected on secure servers and only handled by factory-certified operators at Comtronics with appropriate security clearance. 

Comtronics will;
• Monitor alarms and events in real-time
• Secure Remote Management
• Provide customize reporting scheduled to run monthly or as needed.
• Alarms, events and reports can be sent to e-mail, cell phone or any enabled device
• Provide credential management for your employees.

Traditional Access Control Systems - Everyone must have the proper credentials for entry. This can be controlled with a card, a code, biometric or a combination of these. The system’s database of allowable access limits where anyone can go depending on the credential used. Credentials can also have time and date limitations applied to them.

Always remember to protect your assets from internal and external threats

  • Guards – Can only be in one place at a time, have a high cost, can be absence/late and you risk human error.
  • Fences/Gates – Minimal perimeter protection, can be left open and there is no record of entry or exit.
  • Receptionist/Log Book – Not always at desk, incomplete or inaccurate information, insecure information, easily defeated absence/late, risk of human error.

Access Devices

Card Readers - high reliability, consistent read range and low power consumption. These can be used with printable cards or prox key fobs.
Biometric Readers - A scanner used to identify a person’s fingerprint for security purposes. After a sample is taken, access to a computer or other system is granted is the fingerprint matches the stored sample.
Door Strikes - Comtronics can provide reliable and affordable locking options. Including electric strikes, surface mount electric strikes, and magnetic strikes.